Hi! I am Klariza Leby

I am a passionate designer dedicated to creating captivating visual experiences. With a specialization in motion graphics, I bring static designs to life through dynamic animations and seamless transitions. However, my skills extend beyond motion graphics alone. I am well-versed in graphic design, and presentation design, delivering captivating visual experiences that leave a lasting impact.

500Completed Projects
15000Cup of coffee for me


Motion Graphics

Experience the power of dynamic animations that captivate and engage. With Motion Graphics, your ideas gain life and momentum, making a lasting impact across ads, social media, and branding efforts.

Graphic Design

Discover the art of visual connection. From logos to digital designs, I fuse creativity with strategy, creating visuals that speak volumes, resonate, and leave a distinct impression.

Presentation Deck

Step into a world of compelling presentations. Let me transform your content into captivating narratives, utilizing smart layouts and visuals. Whether it's a crucial pitch or an educational seminar, your message will shine and resonate with clarity.


I'm eagerly looking forward to the opportunity of collaborating with you.


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